Saturday, September 10, 2011

PAST year EOM for Respiratory

1) Weakest part of ribs – costal angle..

2) What cause hernia in diaphragm- incomplete development of pleural peritoneal cavity.

3) Why ventilation perfusion ratio low at the base

4) Develop breathlessness due to allergen, what happen to pulmonary blood flow

5) Anti asthmatic drugs- why……………………. Is not use as first line agent- bcoz narrow therapeutic index

9) The roommate of patient with active TB given isoniazide for prophylaxis.. side effect is?
a) Irreversible peripheral neuropathy
b) Liver toxicity
c) Urine discolouration
d) Visual disturbances

10) Dry cough, 12 years old, in dust environment
a) Guaifenesin
b) Dextrometophan
c) Diphenhydramine

1) Muscle for respiration
a) Downward and forward- external
b) Downward and backward- internal
c) Central tendon – diaphragm

2) Physio, FEV1,FVC,RV
a) Which parameter is reduced in both pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema- FEV1
b) Doctor diffrntiate p.fibrosis and emphysema
c) High in emphysema low in fibrosis-RV

3) Pleural disease
a) Ferruginios body- asbestosis
b) Birds associated- pneumonia
c) Paraquat poison- ARDS 

1) 4 aetiological agent for phryngitis
2) 4 virulence factor
3) 4 complication
4) How to recognize strep pyogenes

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