Friday, August 5, 2011

End of module of CVS: * credits to selva*

1)      Histology of cardiac mucle
a)      Have purkinje fiber
2)      Outflow tract for both ventricle
a)      Conuscordis
3)      Briefly describe the difference between pulmonary & systemic circulation
a)      Pulmonary resistant increase due to oxygen content
b)      Decrease pulmonary pressure is detect by baroreceptor in pulmonary vessels
c)       Decrease pulmonary circulation due to fibrosis
d)      Pulmonary vessel have venous blood low oxygen content
e)      Systemic vessel constriction follow decrease oxygen content
Theme: Arterial supply of blood vessel
1)      V1 & V2
2)      V5& V6
3)      Arrythmia( AVN nodal)

THEME: drugs
1)      Hyperglycemia – diuretics( glucose tolerance)
2)      First dose phenomenon- prazosin- alpha blocker

1)      Discuss effect and complication of systemis hypertension (5M)
2)      Mechanism of action of metoprolol( b blocker type 1 selective)
3)      List side effect of metoprolol- nightmares and sleepiness, bradycardia and heart block

Module : CVS final sem3 essay

1.       a) Explain edema (2m)

b) Explain microcirculation (4m)

c) Explain how right heart failure can lead to edema (4m)

2.       a) Phases  of cardiac cycle (4m)

b) Relate the first and second heart sounds with the cardiac cycle (4m)

c) Explain the SBP and DBP with the cardiac cycle (2m)

3.       a)Name of artery that usually occluded with embolism in the left heart (1m)

b) Area of heart supplied by artery in 3(a) (2m)

c) Name of vein that pass through the heart together  with artery in 3(a) (1m)

d) Venous drainage of the heart (2m)

e) Pathogenesis of M.I (4m)

4.       a)Effect and complication of LHF (4m)

b)Side effects of captopril (3m)

c)Other group of anti-cardiac failure drugs (3m)

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